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20 Useless Websites To Visit When You Need A Break From Work

Sometimes it’s important to switch off.

Whilst you should already be taking regular breaks whilst working at home, you might not know how to fill that time.

Sure you could scroll through your socials like you do everyday, but chances are you’ll just see the same old stuff.


How about exploring some of the internet’s most interesting and unusual websites? All the websites on this list will be so far away from the kind of work you’re doing that you can be sure when you finish your break you’ll be focussed and ready to go again.

1. Uncrate – James Bond’s shopping list

Uncrate website

If James Bond went shopping, I’m pretty sure it would be here.

Filled with technology, cars, houses, vices, and clothing, Uncrate is bound to satisfy your luxurious desires.

If you’re looking for cheaper or sillier items but arranged in the same style, check out TIYIB or IWOOT.

2. HackerTyper – Type like a hacker

type like a hacker

Are you a hacker?

Nor am I.

And I don’t particularly have the time to learn, either.

So as far as I’m concerned the next best thing is a simulator that lets me press random keys on the keyboard and feel like I’m hacking into NASA or somewhere equally important.

Does it teach you anything? Absolutely not.

Do we care? Of course we don’t!

3. A Soft Murmur – Background noise soundboard

background noise website

We recently wrote an article presenting the best postify playlists for working at home, and some of those included background noise.

‘A Soft Murmur’ takes that one step further and allows you to custom design your own background noise that suits your working style best.

What better way to spend your break than to fine tune the perfect working environment!

There’s also an iPhone and android app with the same functionality so you can listen whilst you’re out and about.

4. Pointer Pointer – Point at your pointer

pointer pointer game

Potentailly the most random and pointless of all websites on this list. Pointer Pointer finds where your mouse is in the frame and lines up an early 2000’s photo with someone pointing at it.

Yep, that’s literally all it does.

So if you’re beyond bored and need to reset yourself on your break then this might be a decent way to do it.

…Or if you’re just looking to procrastinate. Naughty!

5. Staggering Beauty – Wibbly Wobbly?

I’m gonna let you figure this one out alone…

Warning: Contains Flashing Images

6. The Useless Web – A collection of the most pointless websites

Instead of linking to every strange and useless website on the internet like the two previous ones, why not get the internet itself to pick out one for you.

The Useless Web is a website that has only one button and when pressed it will take you to any number of random, pointless, and useless websites to waste your time.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from work, and these are definitley some pointless ways to waste that time!

7. Do nothing for 2 minutes – Be mindful during your work day

Whilst there might be easier and more aesthetically pleasing ways to time yourself for 2 minutes, you could always have a website do it for you!

Do nothing for 2 minutes was created to help it’s visitors find a moment of peace in an otherwise hectic working day.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed from a massive workload and need to regroup your thoughts, this website is probably the best way to spend your breaks.

8. Sleepy time – Calculate the perfect time to fall asleep

Finding the right time to sleep can often be a complicated task.

There are experts out there that stress the importance of 8 hours and others that suggest you only need 6.

That’s where Sleepy Time comes in to save the day.

By inputing your desired waking up time, it’ll suggest 3-4 times you should get to sleep for.

It takes into consideration sleep cycles, REM sleep, and loads of other complicated stuff we probably don’t need to know about.

I’m someone who likes to plan a lot, and when I have a busy day writing I often forget about figuring out what time to sleep.

So a quick check during your work break could be a very valuable use of your time.

Sleep is important!!

We all know how nice it is to come off our screens after a solid period of work, and reading is a great way to do so.

So how about a website that helps you choose your next read?

Just type a book you’ve read into the searchbar and out pops a whole list of reads you’re likely to enjoy.

I imagine it would be quite easy to spend your office breaks trawling through the 100’s of suggestions it gives you ready to find that next epic read!

10. THISISSAND – Quick sand art

sand painting creator

If you enjoy creating things at a moments notice, this is somewhere you’ll likely want to spend your work breaks

THISISSAND is a sand drawing ‘Sandbox Style’ game that lets you drop any colour of sand into a design of your choice.

Once you click on the link and go to the website you’ll quickly realise there are some extremely talented people who’ve played with it.

Multi colored pyramids are about my limit!

11. Weave Silk – Symmetrical painting

Another creative website to spend your breaks on.

Luckily it’s probably easier to create a masterpiece on this one than THISISSAND.

When you draw on one side of the canvas, a mirrored version is replicated on the other side.

Im not the greatest artist in the world (Clearly!) and even if you aren’t either, it’s a nice place to play around and get those creative juices flowing!

12. Writing Prompt Generator – Stop the writers block

Onto a more productive website to spend your time on.

Writing prompt generator is going to be invaluable to those of you in the writing field, specifically those who create stories.

Suffering from writers block?

All you have to do is pick the category of book (or article) you’re writing about and the writing prompt generator will create you story idea.

It’s as simple as that!

I think it’s even helpful for those that are stuck on projects that have nothing to do with writing. It might help get those brain cogs moving and may provide you with an unexpected solution.

13. Astronomy Picture of the Day – Put things into perspective

Who doesn’t love beautiful astrophotography pictures?

If you’re having a bad day or fed up with being stuck in an uninspiring office, it’s a great idea to remember how big the universe is and how insignificant your problems may be.

And all of that from a website you looked at on your break! Life changing, aye! ;D

14. Addicting Games – Relive your childhood

addicting games

If you don’t remember the good old days of flash games then you’ve certainly missed out on hours worth of pointless fun!

Great for dipping in and out of at a moments notice, these flash games are the perfect way to keep your mind off stressful or taxing work whilst you’re on your break.

My favorites were any of the Trials games or Bubble Trouble!

15. Little Alchemy – Find all the elements

With over 580 elements to find, Little Alchemy might be the best puzzle game for you short and long work breaks.

You start of with just air, earth, water, and fire, and must combine certain elements to create others that are special or unique.

Keep at it for long enough and maybe you’ll get close to the 580.

The best part is that games like this are so easy to get in and out of that they’re perfect for the small Pomodoro 5 minute breaks.

16. Dribble – The worlds top designers

Dribble showcases work from the top creatives and designers around the world making it the perfect place to find some creative inspiration.

And even if your work has nothing to do with being creative, you just get to look at some very talented peoples work.

Who wouldn’t want that?!

17. Gadget Flow – The newest tech available

I absolutely consider myself a tech nerd, but even I didnt know about some of the gadgets that have started apearing on the scene.

Gadget flow lets you stash away your favourite items and shows you the latest and greatest products available so you’ll always be kept up to date and in the loop.

Plus it’s a great excuse to buy more tech. …Not that I need an excuse!

18. Positive.News – What went right this week?

positive news

Sometimes the world just sucks.

And whilst I’m not saying you sould bury your head in the sand, it’s occasionaly nice to know what’s gone write with the world rather than wrong.

Positive.News does exactly that and will make your work break reading just that little bit more uplifting.

19. Emergency Compliment – It’s time to feel good

emergency compliment

Work getting you down?

In need of a feel good compliment?

It seems we’ve found the perfect website just for you!

Just click the ‘Meh.’ button until you find a compliment that makes you feel good about yourself.

Simple, quick, and nice to read!

20. Make Everything OK – The magic button

make everything ok button

We’ll finish the list with a magic button

Though it’s exterior may seem a little silly and pointless, it’s message is extremely important.

When you press the button, you’ll see a loading bar that takes a few seconds to reach the end.

Use that time to take a moment, and a breath, and be mindful about your environment.

Realise that everything probably will be ok, and that worrying about something you cant control is no good to anyone.

It’s a great idea to look at this website in your work break because chances are you’re stressing about deadlines or a creative slump. Hopefully taking these few seconds will help to put things into perspective and get you back on the right track to being an absolute productivity grease monkey!


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