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16 Lego sets to improve your home office design

The beauty of having a home office is that you can decorate it in any style you want.

And so what if that means several large scale lego models!

Why should you have lego in your home office?

You might have only played with lego when you were a child, but why should they get all the fun!

The first great reason to have Lego in your office is so you have something to look at for inspiration. Looking for inspiration in adult lego sets might not seem like something you’d think about doing, but daydreaming and imagining might be the best way to get rid of that brain fog or writers block.

What to look for in a good adult office lego set:

Chances are you’re going to want something to display rather than play with.

Here are the best themes to look out for when buying adult lego:

Lego Creator Expert

Harry Potter

Star Wars





So let’s not delay any further. It’s time to look at the 16 best adult lego sets to improve your home office decor!

1. Grand Piano

lego grand piano 21323
The closest I’ll ever get to owning a grand piano…

With the average grand piano costing several thousand pounds and going as high as several hundred thousand pounds, I very much doubt I’ll ever own a grand piano.

It’s not that I play the piano, It’s more that grand pianos are complete works of art that I’d love to able to look at everyday. …And play one day if I get round to it.

Fortunately, Lego have brought out a model version of it that’ll look absolutely fantastic on my desk. And you can even connect your smart phone to it and play music whilst you watch the keys move up and down.

AND it only costs $450!

That’s the kind of detail that I want from Lego and that’s what makes it a great pick for a Lego set you can have in your office!

Number of pieces: 3,662

Item Number: 21323

2. NASA Apollo Saturn V

nasa apollo saturn v
Who the hell doesn’t love a good Lego space set!

Unfortunately the last time NASA was recruiting astronauts, they left me off the list…

I dont hold it against them, of course, but I was looking for another way to satisfy my space exploration desires.

That’s where LEGO absolutely saved the day for me.

At just over 39 inches high it cant compete with the actual rocket, but it sure as hell can make for a large sized space model to have in my office.

In fact this one might just take pride of place on my desk!

Number of pieces: 1,969

Item number: 92176

3. Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

Bobba fett lego helmet
The perfect desk companion

Whilst the Saturn space rocket makes for a fantastic focus piece in your home office, the star wars Boba Fett helmet is the perfect desk companion

Complete with it’s own stand, the Bobba Fett lego head can take pride of place on a shelf, your office desk, or even a display cabinet.

Boba Fett doesn’t take your fancy?

This Star Wars Lego Collection features five Lego heads in total, they’ve got you covered!

  1. Boba Fett Helmet – 75277
  2. Darth Vader Helmet – 75304
  3. Scout Trooper Helmet – 75305
  4. Storm Trooper Helmet – 75276
  5. Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet – 75274

Number of pieces: 625

Item number: 75277

4. Colosseum

roman colosseum
Time to play out your favourite colosseum battles!

I’m a huge history nerd so the thought of being able to have a model replica of the Roman Colosseum in my home office very much appeals to me. Now all I need is thousands of Roman mini figures!

We’ll get to more of the creator sets later in the article, but for now you’re looking at the Lego set that contains the most pieces ever designed.

This one wont only be hard to build but it will also take you a fair amount of time, too.

The world record for building the Lego Colosseum (yep, that’s actually a record) clocks in at 13 hours 37 minutes and 36 seconds. That’s about 11 Lego pieces placed per minute.

Check it out here if you’re interested.

Number of pieces: 9,036

Item number: 10276

5. Technic Land Rover Defender

Land Rover lego set
A detailed and large scale Land Rover

I’m not super into cars. Infact I dont even have a license.

But even I can understand the beauty of a detailed replica car that’s just the right size to squeeze onto my desk.

Number of pieces: 2,573

Item number: 42110

6. Statue of Liberty 

The Statue of Liberty lego set
The Statue of Liberty

Lego architecture are Lego sets that deliver iconic and famous buildings from around the world as well as sophisticated and refined designs.

Perfect for any well respecting office.

The statue of Liberty is a great example of this and standing at 44cm might be bigger than you think!

Number of pieces: 1,685

Item number: 21042

7. Central Perk Coffee Shop

friends lego set
I’ll be there for you!

Who in their right mind would pass up an oppurtunity to hang out with the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Well now they can watch you work with this F.R.I.E.N.D.S Television series Lego set.

The set features the Central Perk coffee shop that is so frequently shown in the movies and seven minifigures to go with it. Including Gunther!

It’s also the perfect size to fit on small to medium desks or maybe even a side table if you have one of those

Number of pieces: 1,070

Item number: 21319

8. Infinity Gauntlet

infinity gauntlet lego
Harness the power of the universe

Harness the power of the universe and the 6 infinity stones with the Lego marvel infinity gauntlet straight from your home office.

Need I say more?!

Number of pieces: 590

Item number: 76191

9. International Space Station

International space station lego set
The closest I’m getting to space

If the Saturn V space rocket wasn’t enough to quench your space exploration thirst, then maybe the international space station will be.

The Lego set comes with a cool Lego display stand and a couple of space minifigs.

This is probably one of the widest Lego sets on the list, so just keep that in mind if you’re considering putting it on a desk or somewhere that space is an issue.

Number of pieces: 894

Item number: 21321

10. Bonsai Tree

Zen lego set bonsai
Zen Lego model

My love for Japanese culture knows no bounds.

Thankfully as part of their Botanical Collection, Lego have introduced a Japanese Bonsai Tree with added cherry blossom that you can add on when spring comes around.

It cute, it’s practical, it’ll probably look good in any office, and it’s Lego.

What’s not to love!

Number of pieces: 878

Item number: 10281

11. Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo architecture skyline
Tokyo Skyline lego model

As part of Lego’s Architecture series they have created a number of City skylines.

These sets include:

  1. Dubai
  2. Tokyo
  3. London
  4. New York City
  5. Paris
  6. San Francisco

With 6 worldwide destinations you can dream of a better place whilst you’re working from your office.

Maybe it’s time for a career change!

Number of pieces: 547

Item number: 21051

12. Taj Mahal

taj mahal lego set
The Taj-Mahal

The Taj Mahal Lego set has unfortunately been discontinued but can still be found on either eBay or Amazon for between $300-$600.

It’s a very large set so you’ll either need a massive office desk or a separate coffee table in the corner of the room to fit it in.

If you search hard enough you can also find a set of lights specifically designed for the Taj Mahal model so it’ll light up. A pretty unique table lamp!

Number of pieces: 5,923

Item number: 10256

13. A New Hope Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial star destroyer lego

Time to destroy some planets!

As far as I’m concerned, this is the most epic lego model you can have in your office.

The Imperial Star Destroyer is 4,784 pieces large which makes it one of the biggest lego models to date.

The Star Wars model from ‘A New Hope’ Includes an information plaque, two mini figures, and a small scale model of the Tantive IV .

If you’re looking for an authentic piece of Star Wars history that’ll push your office decor to new galactic heights, this might just be it!

At over 43 inches long, it’s a lego model you’ll need a fair bit of space for.

Number of pieces: 4,784 

Item number: 75252

14. Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts lego set

Still waiting for my acceptance letter…

Sometimes I find that daydreaming is the best way to inspire creative thoughts or to get a fresh look at problems.

And what’s the best lego set to promote daydreaming?

Magic of course! And in this case, Hogwarts!

With a set that includes a scale model of Hogwarts, 4 mini figures, 5 boats, the whomping willow, and Hagrid’s hut, you’ll never be short of that magical Harry Potter spirit in your office!

Number of pieces: 6,020  

Item number: 71043

15. Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

millenium falcon lego
Such a big space ship!

If you love the Lego Star Wars series and have a larger space for a replica model, the Millennium falcon is your best bet.

At over 7,500 pieces, it’s likely a set that will take several days (if not longer) to complete.

It also includes 4 classic minifigures ( Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO) as well as 3 newer ones (Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn).

Number of pieces: 7,541

Item number: 75192

16. Empire State Building

Empire State Building lego
Modern and sophisticated!

As we’ve seen before, the Lego architecture series makes for some of the most sophisticated and modern looking Lego sets the company has ever designed.

With the Empire State Building, that’s no different. And at 21 inches tall, it’s the tallest Lego architecture building to date.

So, if you’re going for a modern and clean look in your office and you’re short on space, this might just be the best set for you!

Number of pieces: 1767

Item number: 21046


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